Dhea Ananda

Birth name  :  Nadia Budi Ananda
Born            :  May 25, 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Actress, Singer

Personal Life

Nadia Budi Ananda, or better known as Dhea Ananda born in Jakarta, May 25, 1986 is a singer and soap star Indonesia.  When a teenager, Dhea out the album again. The album titled "16 Candles" the flagship song Dhea there is "Me, You and Him". The song is a reflection of personal experience while still in high school Dhea Labschool Jakarta.  As a former colleague Trio Kwek Kwek in, Leony, Dhea career was more concentrated in the world of acting. The eldest of two brothers starred in several soap operas even play on the big screen in the movie "Ghost"-themed horror. Dhea drama starring, among others, Lupus Millenia, Love Stories, First Night, Djail, Sad on Sunday, I swear, I love Loe, and Children's Haram.  After high school, Dhea pursue graduate studies at the Faculty of Letters Indonesia University of China. However Dhea then moved to Faculty of Psychology, one private university because of lack of fit with the previous course.

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