Bryanna Hartung

Birth Name   :   Bryanna Kaylee Hartung
Date of Birth :  30 November 1995
Occupation    :  Actress, models

Personal Life

Bryanna Hartung born 30 November 1995 in Downers Grove, Illinois USA is an American actress and model. She was born in Good Samaritan Hospital, 7 weeks premature. She has come a long way since then. She has been acting and modeling for several years now. She loves doing it all because she meets a lot of new friends. She really enjoyed being in the film "Lets Go To Prison" in which she played "Jane", because she had her own trailer with her name on a star. Bryanna loves to dance and has been dancing since she was 3, doing Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Ballet. She has competed in dance for 7 years and won over 30 trophies. She is a straight A student in middle school. Her favorite things to do are dancing, mainly Hip-Hop now, being with her friends, spending time with her baby brother, Gavin, and of course modeling and acting!!!

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