Chloe Grace Moretz

Real Name  :  Chloë Grace Moretz
Born             :  February 10, 1997
Occupation  :  Actress

Personal Life

Chloë Grace Moretz born February 10, 1997 is an American actress and model. She began her acting career at the age of seven with performances in films and series such as The Amityville Horror, (500) Days of Summer, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Big Momma's House 2, Desperate Housewives, and Dirty Sexy Money (for which she received numerous Young Artist Awards nominations). She received worldwide recognition for her breakthrough performance as Hit-Girl in the 2010 action film Kick-Ass, and her praise continued with roles in the critically acclaimed films Let Me In and Hugo.

She was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her mother, Terri (née Duke), is a nurse, and her father, McCoy Lee Moretz, is a plastic surgeon. Moretz has four older brothers; Brandon, Trevor, Colin, and Ethan. She has described her family as "very Christian". One of her brothers, Trevor Duke Moretz, is her acting coach and accompanies her on trips and press dates when her parents are unable to attend.

A young Chloe heard her brother reciting lines for his acting school, getting her interested in acting. Moretz moved from Georgia to New York in 2001, with her mother and her older brother, Trevor, because he was accepted into a professional performing arts school; this initially got her interested in acting. Her Hollywood career began when she and the rest of her family moved to Los Angeles in 2003.

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