Clara Bernklau

Born             :  April 8 1997
Occupation  :  Actress

Personal Life

Bernklau Clara was born April 8 1997 in Regensburg, Germany is a German film actress. In 2008 she was the first time at the age of eleven years in the Series K11 - Commissioners in use to see when Lisa Helling in the episode The Broken Family happiness. In other films like Commissioner Lucas and Dr. Hope she was at work. In the movie , the big cat as a kid with cancer she was standing next to Bruno Ganz in front of the camera. In 2009 she starred in the image film for the Netzsch and turned a music video for "Be a Star" competition. Bernklau 2010 took over the art of film satellites Michaela Schweiger, the role of Manuela Silberstein.

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