Cody Kennedy

Birth Name  :  Cody Catherine Kennedy
Born             :  9 December 1991
Occupation   :  Actrtess

Personal Life

Cody Catherine Kennedy born 9 December 1991 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She may be one of the few unlucky girls for being allergic to chocolate but Hollywood born Cody Kennedy hasn't got much else to complain about. Growing up in Santa Monica, this rising model/actress is firmly establishing herself amongst the Young Hollywood set. Named 'It-Girl' by Nylon magazine, alongside Zooey Deschanel , back in 2008, Cody is definitely a talent to keep watching...

Living in Los Angeles, California, it isn't surprising that Cody's passion for the arts began early. At just 2-years-old, she was modeling and, at 13, was quickly snapped up by a manager and started attending acting classes. Since then, her career has escalated, initially taking off by booking roles in music videos for the likes of Miley Cyrus, Leona Lewis, Jon McLaughlin, Mitchel Musso, 'Esmee Denters' and Kevin McCullough. From music videos to modeling acclaim, Cody has been featured in Elle Girl (Japan), Vogue (France and Germany) and Nylon, walked the runway in Fashion Week various times and appeared in countless campaigns for companies such as Puma, Stamp'D LA and Sarah Jessica Parker's clothing line "Bitten". Just like SJP, Cody too has also launched her own clothing line, which features funky fetching t-shirts.

Cody's latest endeavors bring her back to her beginnings in acting. She has a reoccurring role on A&E's series "Gene Simmons: Family Jewels" (2006) and has appeared in a couple episodes of "Greek" (2007) on ABC Family. Current projects on Cody's resume include the upcoming indie movie, The Youngster, where she is playing a modern-day 'Penny Lane' (Almost Famous) and feature film, The Science of Cool, also starring Mischa Barton and Jennie Garth. In addition, Cody has guest-starred on the 3rd season of Disney's hit family TV show, "The Suite Life on Deck" (2008), playing "Sasha Matryoshka", a Russian chess champion and new love interest for Cole Sprouse's character. Cody has also appeared on the hit television shows "NCIS" (2003), "CSI: NY" (2004) "Law & Order: LA" (2010) "The Cape" (2011) and "Entourage" (2004). With a broad range of talent as an actress, noteworthy accomplishments as a model, Cody is undoubtedly a star on the rise.

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