Danielle Geddes

Birth Name    :  Danielle Joy Geddes
Date of Birth  :  22 June 1992
Occupation     :  Actress

Personal Life

Danielle Joy Geddes Born June 22, 1992 in UK. Dani started directing at the age of 14 starting with independent short films during her free time aside her studies. In 2008 she started a film studies course at college which helped her in the knowledge process of film making and the industry. In February 2009 she took her first trip to Los Angeles on a study trip where she got to meet many people that provided her light into the industry, in the summer and plans to reside there in the near future.

Dani will be acting in the British feature film "Ebony Road" (2010) and will be directing two more projects in the thriller genre during the course of the year. Right now she is studying her A-Levels in Film Studies, Drama and Theater Studies, Media Studies and English Language at her sixth form college in England, and plans to qualify University with a Media Studies degree, she enjoys musical performance and is a vocalist and pianist and has been playing since the age of 13. She enjoys slumber parties with friends, is a keen gymnast and works on fan-sites in her free time. Her future is set on teaching, but who knows where the industry road will take her.

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