Kristen Devine

Birth Name    :  Kristen Noelle Devine
Nickname       :  Kritter
Date of Birth  :  26 December 1996
Occupation     :  Actress

Personal Life

Kristen was born in Austin, Texas to an Irish decent father and a Czech decent mother who have been married since 1985. Her older sister, Megan Devine, started her on the course of the entertainment business and she loves every minute. She also has an older brother, Joseph that has aspirations for the Air Force Academy.  Kristen began her career at the age of 9 as a natural with a great memory. Her first major film role was as a ghost in Hallettsville (2009). She stared in an Independent written and directed by Shasta Lusk  called Riding with the Wind (2006). She has made several friends while being on set of "Friday Night Lights" (2006) including Aimee Teegarden. Kristen has done several PSA's for the BoyScouts of America, U.S. Air  Force, and NASA. Her works also include a commercial for Hasbro Furreal and a couple of Barney episodes. In such a short time she has acquired an amazing set of credentials.  Kristen keeps busy with private acting lesson from Diane Perella, voice lessons and home schooling.

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