Alex Steele

Real Name  :  Alexa Rose Steele
Born             :  3 July 1995
Occupation   :  Actress

Personal Life

Alexa "Alex" Rose Steele born  3 July 1995 in Toronto, Ontario is a Canadian actress best known for portraying Angela Jeremiah in Degrassi: The Next Generation. She is also portraying Tori Santamaria in the second part of Season 11 of Degrassi. She is the younger sister of Cassie Steele, who portrayed Manny Santos in the earlier seasons.

When she was just five-years-old, she had her first audition for a commercial. She was fine until they called her name, then the tears flowed freely as fear set in. Luckly, she was coaxed in by a wonderful casting director and, when she emerged, exclaimed "That was great! When can I do it again?" And so started her career in acting, with several commercials followed by the role of "Angela" on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" (2001).

Alex Rose is a busy girl with extra-curricular activities, such as gymnastics, skating, Tae Kwon Do, swimming, singing and piano but still finds time for school, family and friends. She looks forward to expanding her acting resume with different challenging roles and one day working closely with her sister.

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