Cameria Happy Pramita

Birth name      :  Cameria Happy Pramita
Another name :  Mita The Virgin
Born                :  January 2, 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation     :  guitarist, songwriter

Personal Life

Cameria Happy Pramita born in Jakarta, Indonesia, January 2, 1986 are more popular as Mita or Mita The Virgin is a guitarist and songwriter Indonesia also comedian. She was the personnel of the duo The Virgin Group, which also includes vocalist Dara Rizki Ruhiana as well as guitarist and backing vocalist of the TRIAD Mita has an official fan club called Mita rockerz or often abbreviated MRZ.  Mita is the daughter of Emmy Sofyana who was born on January 2, 1986 in Jakarta. She was the first child of three brothers. She has two step-sister of her stepfather Edimas Purwanto (Dimaspur/49) named Dimas Rizqy Prianto (Kiki/22) and Yuka Dimas (Yuka/17). Prior to founding The Virgin Group, Mita is the guitarist of rock band The Rock Ahmad Dhani's commonly called The Rock Indonesia (Because the player from Indonesia). Mita also get a chance to sing the single Cinta Mati II and Cinta Fitri with Mulan together. And now she has been a member of the TRIAD Official or commonly known as The Rock Indonesia Ahmad Dhani who has launched her first album in early 2010. Mita had experienced trouble in her life that started from never knowing her biological father, worked worked hard to succeed her father's, etc.. Mita is already very well known from high school. Since junior high school she had started the band with her friends among GMF Girls in junior class 3, etc.. She also had a band with a Million Sekarsari (Got Featuring a garasi to replace Ayu while), Poppy Sofia, Swasti Sabdastantri Chua Kotak, and the UIM (Drummer My Story).

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