Paw Diaz

Born           :  16 March 1987
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Paw Diaz is an actress, model and TV host in the Philippines. Born on March 1987 in San Pedro, Laguna came to mainstream attention when she joined ABS-CBN’s reality artist search, Star Circle Quest, where she emerged as a finalist.  She is known for doing afternoon dramas in supporting or special participation roles and became the lead role as Wilda Abrantes in the 2010 mini-afternoon series of Precious Hearts Romances Romance-Drama fiction author Martha Cecilla in The Substitute Bride opposite Rafael Rosell. Her biggest break is playing the 1996 antagonist Soraya Montenegro who was originally portrayed by Character Actress Itatí Cantoral in the Remake Mexican International Television Hit Maria la del Barrio to the lead character with the title name portrayed by Erich Gonzales and originally played by Mexican Queen of Entertainment and Telenovela's Thalia which is airing on the primetime slot this 2011.

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