Angelica Martha Pieters

Birth Name     :  Angelica Martha Pieters
Another name :  Angel Idola Cilik, Angel Pieters, Angel
Born                :  August 15, 1997 Jakarta
Occupation      :  Singer

Personal Life

Angelica Martha Pieters born in Jakarta, August 15, 1997 who used to be called Angel is a golden voiced singer Indonesia. Her career began when she became one of the contestants Remix, a talent search event children Indonesia, RCTI in 2008 and made it to the Grand Final with Risky Patrick Egeten, competitors. The competition was won by Risky (Kiki) Egeten by polling the highest and Angel get sms Runner Up position. But the achievements of the first Angel was delayed when she was eliminated because it has the lowest acquisition sms. At that Angel must compete in the big 18 with the King of Zion Nayambaton (Sion) and Siti Nur Qomaria (Siti). But Angel was saved due to the formation of event Choose Again Remix and she showed that he has the qualities to successfully reach the Grand Final in mid-2008.

Angel is a contestant from Jakarta who successfully competed in the last 16 when she was 10 years old. Angel comes from a rich family. Her father, Patria Pieters, a male descendant of Maluku pearl is a businessman who is also exported to Japan and her mother a bloody Manado has a classy boutique in the JW Mariott Hotel.

Angel was born with extraordinary singing talent. Since her childhood hobby of singing and she can sing well. Then her parents send her to music school Elfa Secioria Music School since she was 6 years old. Angel also has a variety of accomplishments before she followed the many event. One of them she had received the gold medal at the World Choir Games held in Xianmen, China in 2006 when she was stepping 9 years. She also received an award at the Asian Choir Games in Jakarta in 2007dan # 1 Winner Christian Children Singing Award.

Besides Angel has also been accompanied famous singers and musicians, such as Ruth and Sadao Watanabe.Angel also released the album titled Spiritual "Got God", Angel is the second child of three brothers and former Ms. Theresia elementary school, junior high school in Menteng.Dan now Binus Simprug. Angel's brother named Charlista Yosuana Pieters while her sister Pricilla Esterlina Pieters.

On October 28, 2011, she get chance to perform in concerts Angel Returns Hitman: David Foster and Friends in Jakarta.

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