Celine Evangelista

Birth name  :  Celine Evangelista
Born            :  February 4, 1992 Italy
Occupation  :  Actress

Personal Life

Celine Evangelista born in Italy, 2 April 1992 was the female lead Indonesia. She began her career through the election Model Friends, 2007. Celine has been playing since the age of 12 films with supporting movies Bangku Kosong (2004). Another movie that had supported Enam (2007). But Celine's name is better known by the screen, among others through the soap opera Inikah Rasanya, Aku Hamil, Pengantin Remaja, Rahasia Ilahi, Love, and Romantika Remaja. Celine has also played in FTV  Inikah Rasanya, Ghost, Hantu Rambut Palsu, and Fables Aladdin. Celine was also a model of video clips music group Band Meteor.

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