Dhea Annisa

Real Name     :  Claudia Anissa
Another name :  Dhea Imut
Born                :  February 28, 1996 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation      :  Artist, Singer

Personal Life

Dhea Annisa formerly known as Cute Dhea the full name is Claudia Anissa born in Jakarta, February 28, 1996, age 16 years is a former child star who is now a teenager. Dhea was born a Muslim in Jakarta is starting a career in entertainment since the age of 2 years. At that time Dhea ad starring diapers. After that ad was an offer to flood the daughter of the couple Indra Kusuma and Masayu Chairani this.  Cute name Dhea acquired after joining the Three cute kid released the album children. Dhea is a soap opera debut Panji Manusia Milenium. Her name jumped after starring in the soap opera Bidadari 3. Another patron who has starred, among others, Tangisan Anak Tiri, Kehormatan, Penjaga Hati, Mutiara, Hamba-Hamba Allah dan Pacarku Seorang Pelari.  Dhea who had trouble with IT infrastructure, SinemArt, in early March 2009 to conversations on the internet. Circulated a video featuring the female figure similar to Dhea is doing nasty scene. Khabarnya fact, in this video, Dhea said sex scene with producer SinemArt, Leo Sutanto.  This shocking news to the mother Dhea, Rany, shaken. Not received by this deed. Finally, Rany reported this incident to the authorities. While the SinemArt not consider this event as a great thing, so not much attention to this.

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