Dinda Kirana

Birth Name     :  Dinda Kirana Sukmawati
Another name :  Dinda Kirana
Born                :  30 April 1995 Tasikmalaya, Indonesia
Occupatuion    :  Actress

Personal Life

Dinda Kirana Sukmawati or known by the name Dinda Kirana born in Tasikmalaya, 30 April 1995 is an Indonesian actress. She is widely known through her acting in soap operas and television movie Kepompong television movie that aired on SCTV

Girl born in Tasikmalaya, 30 April 1995 this past began her career in 2001 through the soap opera Wah Cantiknya. At that time, Dinda Kirana playing as one star. Her role in the soap opera continues as acting in soap operas Is this It (2003).

For Dinda little, the entertainment provides an opportunity for her to go ahead. In the age of eight years, Dinda made it into the contestant talent show Star Television Copyright 2004. Prominence as a potential star when she won the open and was selected as a winner in the category of 8-10 years of age.

Slowly but sure, began to gain prominence audience Indonesia. Predicate champion became a television star become a springboard for Dinda to exist within the world of entertainment. Dinda and then starred in several soap operas such as Hidayah (2007). Hidayah is a religious soap opera series, each episode stands alone. Drama series every week contains a moral message that people always seek guidance from God Almighty (guidance) and keep away from bad things. Dinda role in several episodes of the soap opera series.

Dinda Kirana star as a sitcom actress began to skyrocket after appearing on the soap opera Pupa (Bebi) produced by Frame Ritz. Sinteron replaces Cookies (sweet story collection) on the private television station SCTV. This movie starts playing for a year from November 2008 until November 2009.Sinetron it is about a five-member youth group with the name de'Rainbow. Dinda Kirana play as Bebi, one of the gang members de'Rainbow. Bebi, a teenage girl with a sassy character, cheerful and crazy shopping. So can not help myself overcome the hobby shop, a day Bebi had to steal her mother's credit card for shopping on the internet. He bought a variety of goods without the knowledge of his parents. Issues raised in the soap opera Pupa, in every episode, most of the problems of life that is often experienced by adolescents.

Kepompong soap opera actually began in October 2007 with the title of D'Rainbow. However, the show is newly approved to become a serial aired on SCTV television station in 2008. At that time, a song also titled Kepompong for the soundtrack. Incidentally, this song had already known and familiar to the public.

After a fairly successful career in acting at a very young age is 16 years old, Dinda Kirana plans to expand her career in the world who also became her hobby since childhood, which is singing. And, reportedly in 2012, the Dinda will release a mini album under major label Sony Music Entertainment Indonesia. This album contains three tracks, namely, "Saranghae","Hari Yang Cerah","Malu Mengaku Cinta (MMC)", which also became the soundtrack of FTV Serial Tikus Kucing Mencari Cinta Lagi, starring Dinda Kirana own along with Collin Stuart, Conchita Caroline, and Harry de Fretes

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