Eva Celia Latjuba

Born           :  21 September 1992 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress jobs

Personal Life

Eva Celia Latjuba born in Jakarta, 21 September 1992 was actress Indonesia. Eva is the daughter of Sophia and musicians Indra Lesmana.

Her acting is not new for mixed-blood Bugis-Dutch-German Java-Madura-Minang. Eva grew up in acting, because Eva is also nephew of the famous film producer, Mira Lesmana. Eva first amengecap acting at the age of 8 years, when playing as a guest star in a television movie with Adjie Massaid and Ayu Azhari, and her mother, Sophia production Prima Entertainment.

Eva was selected as the best player currently playing in the movie "Out of The Smoke", a short film included on the High / Scope Festival Junior High School, 2006, when she was a school in South Jakarta High Scope.

Besides acting, Eva is also starring in the soap and herbal products, also with her mother. She made ​​her debut on the soap opera when Multivision Plus starring through a soap opera titled Sherina. In the soap opera is Eva playing with Ricky Harun, Donna Harun son of. Once separated from Multivision Plus, she accepted the offer and started work with Sinemart So playing in the soap opera as princess in Juwita. In the soap opera acting, she collided with such a senior actress Rima Melati and Meriam Bellina. Eva also elected as one of the icon mobile phone card providers. While on the big screen, starring in a horror movie Eva joined : Faces of Fear (2008) in a segment of The Rescue, and a film was made by Ratna Sarumpaet, Jamila and Sang Presiden (2009).

At the end of 2008, Eva followed her family moved to Los Angeles, United States. There, she prefers to concentrate to further their education and of the world's first vacuum Entertaintment.

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