Birth name      :  Stephen Efranda
Another name :  Franda
Born                :  February 8, 1987 Malang, Indonesia
Occupation      :  Model, Host, Actress

Personal Life

Franda born with the name Efranda Stefanus in Malang, East Java, February 8, 1987 is the host of Indonesia, which began early in her career since becoming the MTV VJ Hunt finalist in 2007.  Franda early career was as a finalist MTV VJ Hunt 2007, but she did not win the event. Chinese woman also had a guest host of the musical event RCTI, Dahsyat, replacing Luna Maya. In the event, Franda be hosted alternately by Olla Ramlan woman, Astrid Tiar, Laura Basuki, Jessica Alexander and Fanny Fabriana. Franda also hosts the Lensa Olahraga & Gallery Sepakbola Indonesia ANTV.  Previous Franda also had to taste the world of modeling. In fact, she had appeared in adult men's magazine, FHM. Franda Also listed as a college student majoring in London School 2005-Mass Communication.

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