Grace Fransin Wohangara

Birth Name  :  Grace Fransin Wohangara
Born            :  June 23, 1989 Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Singer, Dancer, Model
Genre          :  Pop

Personal Life

Grace Fransin Wohangara born in Malang, East Java, June 23, 1989 is Indonesian actress and singer who joined the group 7icons longest in the television drama series on Trans TV soap opera titled latest Go Go Girls. Gc (read: Ji Si), Gc is the stage name stands for "Grace". Gc like black and dark blue. Only one of the most favored sport is basketball.
Not just love, but Gc first team captain of the basketball with the number seven and played back as a "playmaker". Gc loved music from childhood. Gc started learning piano since Junior High Scholl and only for church services. From child she like singing, so she always participate in choir White lily church, Fidelis n Zion, until sanctus. In a variety of events school events, Gc and her comrades are filling dance event. Gc pleased to make accessories and have aspirations for building her own accessories shop. Gc not like it at the same Tinorangsa durian but rather * what's that? * And Sashimi Salmon. Gc like the same stuffed pig, cow, and Bluebear. Gc have 2 brother and 1 sister. Before becoming a member 7ICONS Gc is an English teacher, she do unintentionally because she had the opportunity to teach in an elementary schools and Kindergarten in the city of Tangerang at a time to finish college.

Unique habit of Gc at time together in crowd suddenly she like herself looking for a place to think, although sometimes what she thinkin it not important. 7ICONS personnel said she was the most difficult to guess and closed in on her own so she called Mysterious Icon. Go Go Girls character in a bit not smart, with ribbon / headbands / teased hair, often mispronounce a word / sentence.

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