Gracia Indri

Birth name    :  Gracia Indria Sari Sulistyaningrum
Other names :  Born January 14, 1990
Occupation    :  Actress, model

Personal Life

Gracia Indria Sulistyaningrum Sari born in Jakarta, January 14, 1990 is Indonesian actress is the eldest son.  Indri began a career in acting since the age of 10 years soap opera by Millennium Man Flag. She is known as an antagonist figure in the soap opera Jessica Angel 2 & 3. Indri has starred in many soap operas and often antagonistic roles mandapat. Her younger sister Gisela Cindy also follow in her footsteps as pesinetron. She played the soap opera I'm Not Beautiful with altered, bolot, Mpok Nori, Omaswati FrameRitz and broadcast produced in Trans TV in 2007.  While her sister has issued second album, the new Gracia Indri spawned several singles recycling old songs. Gracia Indri intends to issue a mini-album only.

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