Hasegawa Ai

Name         : Hasegawa Ai (長谷川愛)
Birthdate    : February 6th, 1990 Osaka, Japan
Occupation :  Model, Actress

Personal Life

Hasegawa Ai is a Japanese idol (former U-15 gravure), model and actress. Currently she is a member of idol group Nakano Fujoshi Sisters/Fudanjuku. Hasegawa Ai was first seen in 2000 after winning the Grand Prix award for the Tommy Karaoke machine audition for a new image girl, beating out Niigaki Risa. Since then she has appeared in magazines such as Pure Pure, memew, BOMB, and was also an exclusive model for Pichi Lemon. Hasegawa was also the image girl for Miracle Commune, a handheld mini-game.  Most recently Hasegawa was seen as an extra in Gal Circle, playing Michi. She is also part of the dance school Happy Time.  Hasegawa joined idol unit Nakano Fujo Sisters/Fudanjuku at the end of 2011.

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