Juwita Thofany Sanjaya

Born           :  January 1, 1996 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occuaption :  Actress, Singer

Personal Life

Juwita Thofany Sanjaya commonly known by the name of Juwita-Bahar Juwita Thofany with the name as Juwita born in Jakarta, January 1, 1996 is a singer dangdut and actress which is the second daughter of the couple and the Memo Sanjaya and Annisa Bahar (now divorced ). She began publicly known through action singing Maybe Yes Maybe No song when completing the show SCTV Music Awards in 2008. Her name is more fluttering through the soap opera production Eneng MD Entertainment. Her private life is often highlighted by a public feud with her ​​mother Annisa Bahar.

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