Kinoshita Yukina

Born           :  4 December 1987, Katsushika Tokyo, Japan
Occupation :  Actress, Model, Singer

Personal Life

Yukina Kinoshita (木下優樹菜) is a Japanses actress, model and singer. She was born in Katsushika, Tokyo, Japan.

Kinoshita Yukina first appeared in the Morning Musume Love Audition 21. She made it to the final 9 during that year’s audition but only Konno Asami, Niigaki Risa, Ogawa Makoto, and Takahashi Ai were chosen to become the group’s 5th generation. Definitely a mistake on Tsunku’s part.

Kinoshita wasn’t about to let one failed audition get her down. She easily landed jobs as a Bikini idol and found her way into modeling for popular fashion magazines. As her popularity continued to rise, she began to make appearances in various talk shows. The beautiful Kinoshita gained attention for her deep voice and rough mannerism.

As a guest for the Japanese quiz show Quiz! Hexagon II, Kinoshita performed badly for many subsequent weeks earning her title of Baka idol. In 2007 she became one of the show’s hosts, together with Yamamoto Sae (aka Suzanne) and ex Country Musume, Satoda Mai. The three of them also formed the joke group Pabo to sing the quiz show’s ending theme. When combined with the show’s other joke group, Shuchishin they formed the 6 person group Aladdin in 2008. Their one single Hi wa, Mata Noboru (The Sun, Also Rises) sold close to 300,000 copies and reached #2 in the Oricon charts. As part of Pabo and Aladdin, Kinoshita even performed at the 2008 Kouhaku Uta Gassen.

She has appeared in TV shows : MR. BRAIN (TBS, 2009), Hontou ni Atta Kowai Hanashi (Fuji TV, 2008), Odaiba Tantei Shuchishin Hexagon Satsujin Jiken (Fuji TV, 2008), Osen as Kaori (NTV, 2008, ep6), Hachi-One Diver as Tsukishima Misaki (Fuji TV, 2008).

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