Nabila Putri

Birth name :  Athina Nabila Elmias Putri
Born           :  6 November 1990 Purwokerto, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress, model

Personal Life

Nabila Putri born in Purwokerto, Central Java, 6 November 1990 is a model, presenter and actress Indonesia. Athina Nabila Elmias Putri is the full name of the girl's daughter of  Drs. H. Ec Toto Yuli Santoso MM and Hj. Nancy Ckuwailelah. Beautiful girl admirer actor Vino G Bastian was once a quiz show presenter on RCTI World Cup 2010. Her face is also familiar as the ads starring also quite a lot, including  Nabila Putri believed to be a star with advertising Nescafe Original Boy Hamzah, image ads, Rexona ads, and much more.

Nabila's acting ability can also be seen in several soap operas, sitcoms, as well as starring FTV. If acting is reportedly being 'close' to actor Lucky Perdana can be seen in the series 'Police 86' which aired on Trans TV. Lucky proximity to prime time to be a question many people, including the Executive Producer. However, if admitted only close friends with Lucky. When you actually expect to be met in a single movie title with the Vino G Bastian, actor adored.

But be careful, Nabila also good at martial. The proof cinema players Indonesia 'Kacamata Arwah' was ever won the championship in a martial arts champion county and Champion hope for the province. About acting, no doubt because the Nabila had won the Best Acting in the selection of Boy and Girl Fres. Model video clips Indah Dewi Pertiwi is claimed to want to seriously pursue her career in the entertainment world. That's why all the experience gained, she made a whip to get better again in the future. With enthusiasm and hard work, she believed could become a true entertainer.

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