Nadia Vega

Birth Name  :  Nadia Vega
Born             :  December 12, 1987 Pekanbaru, Riau, Indonesia
Genre           :  Pop
Occupation   :  Actress, Singer

Personal Life

Nadia Vega born in Pekanbaru, Riau, December 12, 1987 is an Indonesian actress and singer.

Nadia began her career in the world of acting since childhood. However, she became famous while playing in the movie Inikah Rasanya Cinta (2006). One year later, Nadia played in the movie Leak (2007).

Patron who had starred, among others, ABC & D, Inikah Rasanya, Cinta Terbagi Lima, and Cinta Seratus Hari. While the television movie starring the ever Cinta Of No and Cinta Sang Pencenayang.

Not just acting, Nadia also follow the trend of most artists to enliven the world of sound art. Nadia released her first album in 2003, arti Persahabatan. Two years later, Nadia released album titled Do not Ask. On the album which contains 10 songs, Nadia not only sang songs in Indonesia language, but also there are two songs in English that is "Get Lost" and "She" and fill the original movie soundtrack Leak (2007).

In the year 2008 Nadia released a single titled "Rela" which video clip made ​​in Jakarta - Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia.

After delaying for two years, finally (jan 2009) Melbourne, Australia became the city the option to continue the study for her passion in the other arts (Animation) after receiving scholarship offers from several universities in and outside the country. Farewell party to coincide on the anniversary of the 21 and 12 years of her career to be a special night for the fans, relatives, friends and herself before focusing on her study in kangaroo country.

Nadia decided to accept the re-bid of the world acting and singing every vacation to the homeland, as her gratitude and appreciate to the fans and the people who still remember and entrust the job (in showbiz) for herself.

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