Nakajima Saki

Also known as :  Nakky, Nacky, Nakasaki-chan
Born                 :  February 5, 1994 Saitama, Japan
Occupations     :  Singer
Genres             :  Japanese pop

Personal Life

Saki Nakajima (中島 早貴 Nakajima Saki?, born February 5, 1994 in Saitama, Japan) is a member of Cute, a Japanese pop group within Hello! Project. Nakajima first joined Hello! Project in 2002 as one of the fifteen children chosen from the Hello! Project Kids auditions after performing "Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru" by Morning Musume.  In 2004 Berryz Kobo was formed, with the intention of rotating the kids throughout the unit. Nakajima didn't make the original pick, and the idea was eventually dropped. The remaining kids ending up forming Cute in 2005. The group didn't make its official debut until late in 2006, with their first official single released in February 2007.  Nakajima is also a member of Gatas Brilhantes H.P., the Hello! Project futsal (indoor soccer) team.  In October 2007, Nakajima was placed in the unit Athena & Robikerottsu(fr) along with fellow Cute member Chisato Okai, as well as Risa Niigaki and Aika Mitsui of Morning Musume.  In 2009 she was chosen along with fellow Hello! Project Kids members Yurina Kumai and Risako Sugaya as well and Aika Mitsui from Morning Musume to be in a newly formed group Guardians 4 formed to sing the openings to the anime Shugo Chara!. And She was also recently chosen to be in Hello Project subgroup PetitmoniV as the 5th-generation 3 members, along with Mai Hagiwara(Cute) and Erina Mano(Solo Singer).  During the Cute Concert Tour 2010 Summer-Fall: Dance Special!! "Chou Uranaito!!", Nakajima injured her leg and was forced to sit out the next concert.

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