Natashia Nikita

Birth Name :  Nikita Natashia
Born            :  May 22, 1988 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation  :  singer
Genre          :  Spiritual, Contemporary Christian Music

Personal Life

Natashia Nikita most often called Nikita 尼基塔 born in Jakarta, May 22, 1988 is a spiritual singer of Chinese descent. She released her first album in 1995, at the age of seven. Nikita's name was sticking out when she was a young age and began singing praises to God. Nikita was born in Jakarta on May 22, 1988 it would prefer to remain faithful to sing hymns. Already a dozen spiritual song album she produced since entered the studio at the age of eight. Like a ladder, year after year, every album is produced describing her trip to serve with God. Natashia is familiarly called Nikita or Niq was first released debut album titled "Di Doa Ibuku Namaku Disebut." Despite her young age, every song that was brought quickly familiar to listeners of various groups of children, young and old alike. Othniel couple's daughter and Lily Tanjaya Nikola is also a lot of spiritual participated in several compilation albums like Private Collection, Best Worship. Not least the audience of hymns was grateful for the songs she Sung. There's even a mention, all the songs that brought Nikita is able to listen to heart melted to tears. Judging from the type of music that brought Nikita, the average type of musical homage to slow tempos. With a clear melodious voice, she has hobbies are reading and watching this film makes every song that brought so serene to be heard and felt one with the soul. From a young age she was called by God to be a blessing to many people. Her voice is a God-given talents for God's children are getting a lot of strength of the song she was singing.

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