Olivia Lubis Jensen

Born Name :  Olivia Lubis Jensen
Born            :  11 April 1993 Copenhagen, Denmark
Occupation  :  Actress, Model, Presenter

Personal Life

Olivia Lubis Jensen born in Denmark, 11 April 1993 is Indonesian actress. The second child of three brothers started the big-screen debut movie titled "Bukan Cinta Biasa" which began airing in theaters beginning in May 2009. The film was produced by WannaB Pictures and directed by Benny Setiawan.  Olivia is the son of Benny Jensen (Denmark) and Viverina Lubis (Indonesia-Batak). Olivia has a twin girl named Sabrina, and a brother named Daniel Jensen. At the start of her career, Olivia lived in Bandung city flowers and went to Bandung International School. However, to develop her career Olivia then went to Jakarta and the Australian International School Jakarta Olivia started her career when accidentally discovered in a mall in Bandung by a talent scout from WannaB Pictures is looking for a movie starring "Bukan Cinta Biasa". After that her career as a photo model increases in a variety of teen magazines and leading Tabloid and star in various television shows. Not related to the movie Bukan Cinta Biasa, Olivia also be a video star clip movie soundtrack that brought of Afgan. Still associated with the film "Bukan Cinta Biasa" Olivia was re-elected to be a model Phantom Band video clip for the song "Pantaskah" which also became the soundtrack of the film.  Olivia is also a main character in Soap Opera Hafizah as Hafizah. "Hafizah" produced by MD Entertainment and aired on SCTV mid-November 2009.

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