Riho Iida

Born           :  26 October 1991 Saitama, Japan
Occupation :  Actress, Model

Personal Life

Riho Iida 飯田 里穂, born on October 26, 1991 in Saitama is a Japanese actress and child model.  Riho Iida came into the spotlight when she was 11 years old, appearing in 2002 Tensai Terebi Kun MAX(天才てれびくんMAX) series on NHK educational TV. Since then she starred in many of movies and TV series. She was also a well loved model of a famous lolita gravure magazine pure 2. She played the leading role on the Film Shougaiken gibu no okurimono(障害犬ギブのおくりもの) that won the prize of Japan Educational Film Festival.  Her first photobook Pool (プール) in 2003 became the top-selling photobook in Japan.

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