Risty Tagor

Born           :  12 April 1989 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Risty Tagor or full Risty Tagor Harahap born in Jakarta, 12 April 1989 is a sitcom actress and film star Indonesia. She began publicly known through his role as Andien the film Pocong 2.

The youngest of three siblings entertainment world has known since childhood. At the age of 5 years, Risty has starred in advertising a product known air freshener with the singing of "Wangian Bunga Dimana mana." But after entering elementary school, Her mother wanted risty to concentrate on school.

When SMU, Risty and her school friends was held following the event model magazine Friends. When the selection further by reaching the big 100, Risty got an offer from a talent search to star in the Pucelle. Risty also chose to take that ad and resigned from the selection of the model Kawanku.

Her appearance in the advertisement attracted the attention of several PH and eventually started her acting than be some soap operas and television movie. In 2007 the name Risty also skyrocketed after a role as Andien, sister Maya (Revalina Temat S) in the film Pocong 2.

In 2008, Risty starred in the film Blitzmegaplex the Musik Hati with Ben Kasyafani. Risty afterwards became the main character in the film bestfriend? with Nikita Willy, her role in the film is quite stunning as it is considered different from before. In this film she plays a girl from a broken home and want to rebel from the existing rules, but beside rebel properties, it has a strong value to maintain the principle, that is say no to drugs.

In 2009, became a star Risty Video Clips Derby Romero under the title Gelora Asmara, and several other video clips. and join in the soap opera with Richard Kevin and Nabila Syakieb.

In 2010, the name re-emerged in the world Risty soap opera with soap opera star in Safa and Marwah. The making of this soap opera virgin honed her acting skills. and also two new ads that Selsun Shampoo and Sandals Carvil.

Born of a father bloody hobo, and the mother bled Aceh, this girl is a cousin of pesinetron and presenter Inez Tagor. Has two older brothers who always protects, does not make her into a spoiled youngest child. Proved when her parents decided to adopt a baby to be her brother, she is not jealous even helped take care of the baby page. In her family life Risty very simple act mature and well despite his or her income as an artist is quite a lot.

On October 2, 2010 Risty married Rifky Balweel And now the two entities. On 11 April 2011 Risty gave birth to her first daughter.

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