Rosa Indonesian Idol

Real Name :  Maria Rosalia Yola Detta
Born            :  31 October 1991 Solo, Indonesia
Religion       :  Catholic
Occupation  :  Student, Weding Singer
Twitter         :  http://www.twitter.com/@olarosaa


Confidence is the most favored contestants of Indonesian Idol judges whose full name Maria Rosalia Yola Detta. Always charming appearance on the stage of elimination with a distinctive husky voice and be the TOP 15, making Rosa became one of the favorite contestants Ahmad Dhani. Singing ability has owned since she joined the choir in elementary school. From then on she often entered a competition to sing with her ​​choir. In addition to singing, Rosa also has another talent that is dancing. When in junior high school, Rosa active in Extracurricular activities Modern Dance and Cheerleader. Warm and outgoing personality made ​​her the place of storytelling and lamented her friends in quarantine Indonesian Idol.

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