Shafa Tasya Kamila

Birth Name      :  Shafa Tasya Kamila
Another Name :  Tasya Kamila
Born                 :  22 November 1992 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation       :  Singer, Actress, Host

Personal Life

Shafa Tasya Kamila or familiar to greet Tasya was born in Jakarta, 22 November 1992. She became popular since starred in Pepsodent advertisements and issued a holiday album titled Libur Telah Tiba.

Tasya entered the entertainment world Indonesia since she was in junior kindergarten. Time was inadvertently a Mrs offered  Tasya to be a star advertising and lead to an advertising agency. After several casting, Tasya won the contract to a dairy product. Since then, Tasya continues to be the commercials: an insurance product, department stores, cheese, toothpaste, candy, and talc. In 1998, the youngest of three children of the couple Gatot Permadi and Isverina has received an exclusive advertising contract for the product toothpaste. Starting from this ad, the figure of Tasya attracted the attention of a production house that offered to play on the soap opera. In 1998 Tasya played in several episodes of the soap opera titled Takdir. Then she played in the television film Kupu-kupu Ungu and Nyanyian Burung. Another soap opera starring Tasya, among others Matahariku, Tasya, and Jangan Menangis Adinda.

Although busy shooting ads and patron, Tasya still took singing lessons at Bina Vokalia, and schools run by Elfa Secioria vocals. Opportunity to come into the studio in 2000. It is the first album Libur Telah Tiba, which favor the song "Libur Telah Tiba" AT Mahmud creation. After the success of her first album which sold 350 thousand copies, she released her second album re-titled Gembira Berkumpul (2001). In this album, Tasya still with AT Mahmud as well as collaborating with the Ambassador (Sheila on 7) the creation Eross song titled "Jangan Takut Gelap".

Brother of Muhammad Fatha Permana and Dhenia Lizariani Hafsha this album out to welcome the month of Ramadan religious Ketupat titled Lebaran (2002). Tasya fourth album is a Istana Pizza(2003). This album has a concept of delivering stories with songs. Tales to be conveyed by Tasya through this album is about Istana Pizza is beautiful. The palace was led by the King and Queen of Pizza. They have a daughter named Anapizza. The daughter has a friend named Spagetto. Pizza king has an advisor named Peri Pepper Nini who eventually became the enemy of the King of Pizza. However, the kindness Anapizza, crimes committed by Peri Pepper Nini was crushed. Not only AT Mahmud, Trie Utami also contributed a song called "Penghuni Hutan".

In 2005, Tasya launches The Very Best of Tasya that contains the 14 best songs of Tasya's previous albums, including "Anak Gembala", "Barisan Musik", "Jangan Taku Gelap", to "Paman Datang".
Tasya with Ricky Subagja, Marshanda, Dian Nitami, and Farhan, on June 20, 2007 was officially appointed as the 'Ambassador of Drinking Milk Campaign'.
Since 2005 Tasya was appointed as Ambassador of the Environment by the Ministry of Environment Indonesia

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