Sheila Marcia

Real Name :  Sheila Marcia Joseph
Born           :  3 September 1989
Occupation :  Model, Actress

Personal Life

Sheila Marcia Joseph born in Malang, East Java, 3 September 1989 is a model and actress
Sheila began her career as a cover girl finalist 2004. After that, Sheila also entered the art world with a starring role Ekskul (2006) with Ramon Yusuf Tungka (Ramon Guest VJ) and Metha Yunatria. Film director Nayato Fio Nuala then won the 2006 FFI, although later annulled her victory, after it was revealed there are parts of the work which was considered cheating. Sheila then starred in a horror movie, Hantu Jeruk Purut (2006) that catapulted her name.

In 2007, Sheila starred in two films, the romantic drama movie titled Tentang Cinta, directed by Sony Gaokasak which also starred Vino G Bastian, Fedi Nuril, and Hayria Faturrahman. In this film Sheila also contributed to the soundtrack sound in a song called "Hey". Sheila plays well in a horror movie production Indika Entertainment titled Horror Films which is predicted as a "scary movie" the first in Indonesia.

In addition to film, Sheila also starred in the film, including Love with Irwansyah, well before the soap opera Bunga-bunga Cinta, Mencari Cinta, and Makin Sayang.Sheila also starred in the movie "Hantu Kereta Manggarai"

Before it was thrown into prison, released a single called Sheila Damai Bersamamu in the shade of dangdut singer Inul. However, the single drop in the market because she can not do a promo caused her arrest. Once she is free from detention, Sheila towed Trinity Optima Production record company and released the single, Malaikat Kecilku (August 2010), drummer for the band's creation Pepep ST12. The song she dedicated to her daughter, Leticia Charlotte Agraciana.

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