Sudo Maasa

Also known as :  Rabi-chan, Maa
Born                 :  July 3, 1992 Tokyo, Japan
Genres             :  J-pop
Occupations     :  Singer

Personal Life

Maasa Sudo (須藤 茉麻 Sudō Maasa?, born July 3, 1992 in Tokyo, Japan) is a J-pop singer in Hello! Project.  In 2002, she successfully passed the Hello! Project Kids Audition. Sudo is currently a member of the group Berryz Kobo.  In March 2009, she released her first Photobook, called "Maasa".

In 2010, it was confirmed that she was going to be the lead-actress of the movie Light Novel no Tanoshii Kakikata!, based on a light novel with the same name, together with earlier hello!project egg Arisa Noto, Hisanori Sato and others. The movie premiered in cinemas in Japan in December 2010, and the DVD was released March 3, 2011. Maasa played the role of "Tsurugi Yabusame", the beautiful and strong rich girl with a secret, she is secretly the write of a new successful light-novel, under the name of "Mio Himemiya".

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