Suzuki Anne

Born           :  April 27, 1987 Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Anne Suzuki 鈴木 杏 Suzuki An? born April 27, 1987 is a Japanese actress.  She began her acting career at 12 when she starred in the Hollywood film Snow Falling on Cedars with Ethan Hawke. She was next featured in the action movie Returner opposite Takeshi Kaneshiro. She was also in Hana and Alice, a film directed by Shunji Iwai, and Juvenile. She voice-acted the main character in Katsuhiro Otomo's 2004 anime film, Steamboy, and also played the main female role of Natsuki Mogi in the Hong Kong race movie Initial D (頭文字 D) - based on the manga and anime series with the same title.

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