Tenka Hashimoto

Name          :  Hashimoto Tenka (橋本甜歌)
Nickname   : Tenchim (てんちむ)
Birthdate     : November 19th, 1993 Beijing, China
Occupation :  Model, Gravure Idol, Actress

Personal Life

Hashimoto Tenka 橋本甜歌 is a Chinese-Japanese fashion model (formerly a U-15 gravure idol) and actress. Hashimoto Tenka was born to a Japanese father and a Chinese mother in Beijing, coming to Japan when she was two years old. She was raised in the prefecture of Tochiragi and despite her heritage cannot speak much Mandarin. She had held interest in the entertainment industry from the age of three, and during her first year of elementary school passed an audition that had been advertised in a local newspaper. She began doing work in as an advertisement actress during her second year of school.

She also became a regular on the variety show Tensai TV-kun MAX.  Hashimoto was a regular idol in the U-15 magazine Pure Pure for several issues and released two photobooks before ending her career as a gravure idol and continuing it as a fashion model for Pichi Lemon. She modeled for them from 2006 until June 2008, when she announced her graduation in order to focus on entrance exams and her profile was also removed from her agency's website. However, she began to blog at CROOZ blog under the name Tenchim.jp, this time appearing in gyaru fashion. This blog was later relocated to Ameba.

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