Uehara Nami

Real Name :  Uehara Nami (上原奈美)
Birthday      :  26 February, 1991
Occupation  :  Singer, Model

Personal Life

Uehara Nami 上原奈美 is a model for magazines. She is also a Japanese pop artist under the Toshiba-EMI label and actress.  Nami started her career as a model in the popular girls fashion magazine Hana☆Chu→ in 2003. Eventually she became the top model for her specific age group which won her a modeling contract with PLAYBOY, a Junior High school girl's clothing brand in Japan. Though as she graduated from Junior High school and headed to High school, so did Nami in the modeling world when she began to model in Seventeen magazine, a popular fashion magazine for High school girls.

In early interviews Nami has stated that 2 of her earliest inspirations to sing was SPEED and Amuro Namie. So in 2004 Nami got her chance to become a singer when she became signed with Toshiba-EMI. Before her debut Nami took dancing lessons where her favorite dancing moves "Hip Hop/Locking and Jazz" developed. Then in February 2005 Nami's debut single IAM was released. IAM debuted at #149 on Oricon and charted for 2 weeks. Then her 2nd single Slow Revolution charted higher reaching #49 on Oricon and charting for 2 weeks. Then 2 months later Nami released Real Me, which charted even higher on Oricon reaching the #35 position and charting for 4 weeks. Nami's popularity with young girls spiked, as she even gained her own radio shows titled "I AM Nami Uehara" which lasted from 2005 to 2007, "Nami Uehara of Kirei Cram School" which lasted from 2005 to 2007, and "The MORETSU night! ", which still airs today. Though after the release of her 3rd single Nami took a 7 months hiatus. Then in March Nami released her 4th singled called 15 Carat. Yet 15 Carat is Nami's worst single, not even charting on Oricon. But that same month Nami finally released her debut album titled 15, signifying turning 15 the previous month. 15 debuted at #267 on Oricon and charted for 1 only week.

After the release of Nami's debut album, Nami took a break from her solo career and teamed up with other popular Junior Fashion Models/Singers to form Soran Happies, a Parapara group.  In late 2006 Nami got the opportunity to film a movie. Wanna be FREE! Tokyo Girl was released 2007.02.23 in theaters around Japan.  Hiatus  On August 15, 2007 Nami's official website announced that she would be taking a break from her singing career. They made it known that she is not quitting and might release newer singles in the future.

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