Agatha Pricilla

Born Name      :  Elisabeth Agatha Pricilla Soekamto
Another Name :  Pricillia, Prissy, Pricil
Born                 :  30 September 1997 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation       :  Singer, actress

Personal Life

Agatha Pricilia, or Pricilla is usually called the personnel Blink born in Jakarta, Indonesia, 30 September 1997. She was the son of Elisabeth and Soekamto Adriana. Pricilla the bloody China, Java and the Netherlands also has a sister named Alexandra Ancilla she always greeted Sister Sandra.

Pricilla is one of Agatha Blink personnel who have a motherly nature. She was good at stringing words of wisdom, like the Keep Calm and Be a star that has meaning Blink Stay Calm and Be Stars Shine that until now the motto of Girlband Blink. Besides, she also has a thoughtful nature, in its response to the haters and the hatters of Blink, she always said Haters Also in response to the Human and Monkey Love, she said It depends on the person undergoing. is it regulated the same God. Mate the hands of God. Pricilla has a soft voice, firm and strong bervibrato.

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