Ajeng Kurnia Fajrin

Born            :  July 11, 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Singer
Genre          :  Pop singer Works

Personal Life

Ajeng Kurnia Fajrin born in Jakarta, DKI Jakarta, July 11, 1986 or known by the name of the singer Ajeng is Indonesian singer.

Ajeng first album spawned the hit "Jangan Pernah Tingalkan Aku". If viewed from the experience of exploring the world of singing, she is no longer a singer with instant launch. Decades has attended the event, ranging from singing festival to fill the gem show in TVRI archipelago. Unmitigated, famous singers such as Vina Panduwinata, Iga Mawarni, Reza, and Kris Kristofferson believe it to be a background singer at concerts and making albums.

Ajeng early career began when she followed the notes AB Three ever aired in TPI a few years ago. In the event, she became acquainted with the hearings Band. Band hearings that often accompanies Vina Panduwinata Ajeng finally introduced to the singer "Burung Camar" was. Amazed to hear that her voice was still a junior high class, Ajeng was invited to sing as a background singer Vina. Before with Vina, Ajeng had once used as a background singer Iga Mawarni.

Her introduction to "the polish" her talent, Krisdayanti, starting at Samsara, who was a background singer KD can not accompany singing at the I Like Monday Hard Rock Cafe. Samsara who knew her, finally asking Ajeng replace it as a background singer on the show. Apparently KD like Ajeng vocals, who was junior class 2 and since then she began to frequently asked to accompany the singing KD.

Thanks to its proximity to the KD, Ajeng learned about stage performance and how to face the audience. Regarding appearance, Ajeng also got a lot of input from the owner of KD Records. However, the Ajeng people reject the notion that equates it with KD, especially the vocal character.

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