Anindia Yandirest Ayunda

Birth Name     :  Anindia Yandirest Ayunda
Another name :  Nindy
Born                :  January 10, 1989 Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia
Genre              :  Pop, Teen Pop
Occupation      :  Singer, Actress

Personal Life

Anindia Yandirest Ayunda or better known as the greeting Nindy born in Padang, West Sumatra, January 10, 1989 is a Indonesian singer. She is a graduate school Labschool Jakarta.

Nindy elected as First Winner Talent West Sumatra was asked to make him sing in the Office of the Embassy of Malaysia. In addition, Nindy also won the duet with Audy contest organized by one of the beauty products and join in singing a song called Untuk Sahabat of the album 23-03.

In 2007, Nindy twice entered the studio. In addition to singing  Matahari Ost album. Badai Pasti Berlalu, also coupled Bragi vocal group to sing the song called Tidur Malam Ini; in their latest album, The Best of Bragi.

Its success is twice entered the studio in 2007 seems to make more Nindy challenged to try launching her first solo album. She then released her debut solo album on October 20, 2008 titled Tak Pernah Kubayangkan. Yes, it has never previously imagined for a Nindy which could eventually go into the kitchen singing and recording. Victory in the contest Olay duet with Audy in 2006 was also the inspiration for the plunge and opened the world's total entertainment.

Her first song entitled "Buktikan" is very successful because the lyrics are easy listening, managed to get a first position in the radio airplay to five weeks. Second song entitled "Cinta Cuma Satu" was also successful because the music is mellow easily accepted, even getting radio airplay in the first position for six weeks. Thanks to both these songs, top female singers Nindy is number 2 versions of MTV in 2009, behind Flowers Citra Lestari, and fourth overall behind Bunga Citra Lestari, Ungu and J-Rocks.

In addition to living as a singer, and had plunged Nindy dabbling in acting and advertising. Various soap operas and television movie she ever starred.

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