Ashilla Zahrantiara

Birth Name     :  Ashilla Zahrantiara
Another name :  Shilla, Mbash, Ashilla Zee
Born                :  February 25, 1997 Banten, Indonesia
Occupation      :  Singer, actress

Personal Life

Ashilla Zahrantiara or so-called Shilla born in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 25, 1997 is a teen Idol and also as an actress, model and singer from Indonesia. Known also as a motivator and inspiration for teenagers. Shilla fandom is Shivers (ShillaFevers), many still think Shivers (Shilla Lovers).

The first child of 3 has two younger brothers, namely: Shanindya Naurashalika and Keynaya Sharlakhayyirah. Shilla talent in the arts has seemingly since she was a child, especially in music. Triggered by her love of singing since the age of 3 years and the presence of musical instruments such as piano and acoustic guitar at home make Shilla talent in music form naturally. Love and liking for the music, and to appear before the public did not necessarily take part influenced by her family. But rather because of the character of Shilla who will not budge and never give up. By her parents Shilla then directed to a special study to the singer vocal Pretty Happy (vocalist and trumpeter famous era of the 80s). Incidentally also, the father of Shilla had a hobby of singing. Shilla taught a variety of vocal techniques with the full exercise of discipline. Not only that, Shilla also practice playing other musical instruments with specific teaching and also briefly studied at the Music Studio Purwacaraka

Compared with other Alumni Remix (in Blink). Shilla did not like Ify or Sivia is not only great with her career but also always to be ranked in his school and even mature in thinking, Shilla just mediocre. What makes it different is the popularity in cyberspace. Post follow Iola cilik talent show, has become a popular public and become Idol Indonesia, in the same year (November 2008) was born Shivers (Shilla Lovers) and followed Shiters (Shilla Haters). Then start venturing into advertising. In 2010, more and more popular because it is very active in social media, especially in the Twitter universe, participating in quiz shows on television and also some Gathering / Rally missed by Shivers. And also take part in the Musical Rainbow Warriors as the Sahara. And then before Shilla joined Blink, during her education at Binus International School Serpong, Shilla which must inevitably follow an international curriculum. Shilla and her friends formed a small band called the Avengers as a means for channeling musical talent. With the arrangement, Shilla (vocalist), Fauzan (guitar), Bobby (bass) and Tevin (drums). Later became controversial once more soared in 2011 as mid-2011 trying to re-start a musical career by joining his fortune in the Blink and sang some songs which are then uploaded to Youtube, and also the writings through his personal Twitter account and blog, and about the question and answer through Formspring account, on one side of his thinking is very, very mature, but also unstable. In addition to growing Shilla phenomenal career by starring in the soap opera Grey White and White Special Concert Grey, then a duet with Last Child, Blink when read out nominees lined up on the mat SCTV Music Awards 2012.

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