Brigitta Cynthia

Another Name :  Gigi Chibi
Born                 :  July 9, 1993 Indonesia, Bandung
Occupation       :  Singer, Model, B-Girl

Personal Life

Brigitta Cynthia or commonly Gigi Chibi, was born in Bandung, July 9, 1993 is a singer & B-Girl from Cherry Belle Girl Band from Indonesia. Brigitta Cynthia is full name Gigi Chibi. Gigi height is 158cm, weighing 42kg. Chibi Gigi hobby is dancing, singing and reading. Gigi is a member of the young Cherry Belle. Gigi is a typical style short hair. Gigi is the youngest child of three brothers. She is christian and school in SMPK 5 Sower and  then school in high school Fons Vitae 1.  Her favorite food is sushi, yogurt, salad, papaya and banana. Gigi is the favorite characters from SpongeBob SquarePants & Angry Birds. Beginning in December 2010 he participated the members of Cherry Belle and in February he was elected along with eight other contestants from 400 candidates. Designation for the fans Gigi is Gigiers. She also called a leader in CherryBelle or chibi dance.

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