Christy Saura Noela Unu

Another Name :  Christy Chibi
Born                 :  December 26, 1990 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation       :  Singer

Personal Life

Christy Saura Noela UNU or so-called Christy Chibi born in Jakarta, December 26, 1990, is one of the Main Vocal from Cherry Belle Girl Band from Indonesia.  Christy Saura Noela UNU is the full name of Christy Chibi. Her height 156 cm and weighs 40 kg. Christy is Christian, her hobbies are singing and dressing up. Her favorite color is purple. Her favorite food is dumplings. Anne Hathaway's character is her idol. Her favorite number is 8. In December 2010, she participated the members of the Cherry Belle, and in February 2011 he was selected along with eight other contestants. Christy had participated in one of the Choir at her church group. Christy-Manado Chinese descent. Christy is often called the twin with one other member of the Cherry Belle is named Felly. Christy is one of the Main Vocal band Cherry Belle. Designation for the fans Christy is Christyers.

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