Devi Noviaty

Another Name :  Devi
Born                 :  25 November 1987 Indonesia, Bandar Lampung
Occupation       :  Singer, Model

Personal Life

Devi Noviaty or her full name Aurelia Devi Noviaty born in Belfast, 25 November 1987 is a former member of the Girl Band, Cherry Belle.  Devi is the second child of four siblings. Devi has a height 160 cm and weight 42 kg. Devi Catholic. Cherry Belle takes place at the audition, she was the last member who was chosen along with Gigi. Devi had become one of the finalists on the show Cilapop on Trans TV. Devi is the oldest personnel in Cherry Belle. Designation for the fans Devi is Devinger. Devi has been retired from Cherrybelle by the producer on the 12th of April 2012 due to the age of adulthood and are at odds again with Cherrybelle personnel who have a young age.

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