Fairuz A Rafiq

Birth Name :  Fairuz A. Rafiq
Born           :  March 6, 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation :  Actress

Personal Life

Fairuz A. Rafiq born in Jakarta, March 6, 1986 is Indonesian soap star. The youngest of nine brothers is the daughter of legendary singer dangdut A. Rafiq. Fairuz has been a few times playing soap operas, such as Jamilah role in the soap opera The Love of Poor. Fai, thus her nickname, also had to follow the way of reality Celebrity Dance, a reality show celebrities capabilities in the field of dance. Fairuz was paired with Ricky, and compete with Kinaryosih-Henry, Surya Saputra Lamusu-Cynthia and Mario Lawalata-Imaniar.

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