Febriani Rastanty

Birth Name :  Febriani Rastanty
Born            :  February 1, 1996 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation  :  Singer, actress

Personal Life

Febby Rastanty or usually called Febby is one of the personnel Blink born in Jakarta, Indonesia, February 1, 1996.  She is the most mature Blink personnel among others, because she now stepped on second class in high school SMAN 70 Jakarta. Other side Febby Rastanty  Febby Rastanty now (2012) were in a love with the actress and singer of Indonesia, Derby Romero. It was said that they were involved in a love Locations in White Sinetron Abu-Abu. About singing, Febby is less experienced than others. She is better known as an actress who often graced the TV screen play Indonesia with FTV and also in various soap operas, such as Eneng and Kaos Kaki Ajaib, Cinta Simelekete, etc.. Febby have a voice husky. She often insulted by the audience when Blink featured because it has a different sound. However, now he was used and a lot of vocal exercises.

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