Gretha Martini

Birth Name     :  Gretha Martini
Another name :  Gretha
Born                :  March 7, 1991 Medan, Indonesia
Genre              :  Pop
Occupation      :  Singer

Personal Life

Gretha Martini or usually called Gretha born in Medan, North Sumatra, March 7, 1991 is an Indonesian singer. She is a member of the singer Dewiq. Kiss Me is the debut album released in 2008. Right now she's Lecture at the London School. This beautiful young singer fans of Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Agnes Monica as well as Mulan, a lot of bagging trophies of his ability to sing, easy listening pop homage and cheerful tone, Gretha will show as a talented new singer. After the success of the album Kiss Me. Gretha release single entitled 'Time for the Weekend' and joined the vocal group built the Z5 Zema Management and launch compilation album Cuma Sekali Mencinta and Gretha also assisted Badai fill the album 'Kerispatih' the Peace On Earth.

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