Inna Kamarie

Birth Name  :  Carolina Agustine Kamarie
Born             :  August 18, 1986 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation   :  Singer
Genre           :  Pop, Jazz

Personal Life

Carolina Agustine Kamarie born in Jakarta, August 18, 1986 is a jazz singer better known as Inna Kamarie.  Initially it was known as a vocal group Dewi Dewi personnel. Before auditioning obsesi Dewa19 mencari Dewi-dewi, Ina often sang in a number of international Jazz festivals, and also sang in several lounges and cafes concentrate on jazz music. Once elected to the personnel Dewi Dewi, Ina is a student of the University Prof Dr Moestopo (Religious) 2004 army was forced to leave college due to her work. Ina started in early 2008 do not get along with the vocal group that made ​​her name. Finally, with permission from Ahmad Dhani and his friends at Dewi Dewi, Ina officially out of Dewi Dewi on June 1, 2008. Although it has been out of Dewi Dewi, Ina has a contract in the Republic Cinta Management. Her stage name is Inna Kamarie now.

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