Jessyca Stefani Auryn

Another Name :  Ryn Chibi
Born                 :  January 30, 1993 Jakarta Indonesia
Occupation       :  Singer, Model

Personal Life

Genoveva Jessyca Stefani Auryn or so-called Chibi Ryn born in Jakarta, January 30, 1993 is the singer of the Cherry Belle Girl Band from Indonesia.  Genoveva Jessyca Stefani Auryn is the full name of the Ryn Chibi. Her height 168 cm and weighs 50 kg. Ryn Catholic. Her hobbies are playing games, reading manga comics and jamming Gym. Her favorite color is white and black. Her favorite animal is a cow and puppy. Ryn has a favorite bag-shaped cow named Mumu. Her favorite food is fettucini, fries, steak, yogurt, and papaya. As for her favorite snack is Pocky. Her idol is the figure of Gaara Naruto Manga. Her favorite numbers are 9 and 6. In December 2010, she participated the members of the Cherry Belle, and on February 27, 2011 she was selected along with eight other members. Ryn has become a popular one since she starred in one of the Pocari Sweat drink product advertisements. In the ad Ryn became one of the friends of Aelke Mariska. Ryn has Chinese, Japanese, and Indonesia. Designation for the fans Ryn is Rynism. Ryn is the youngest of two brothers. Chibi Ryn had an older brother named Christopher Jason Stefan Auryn. At his home, Ryn has three tails puppy named Shiro, Brandon and Ju-Mong.

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