Karis Alika Islamadina

Birth Name     :  Karis Alika Islamadina
Another name :  Alika Born June 24, 1994 Sydney, Australia
Genre              :  Pop, dance
Occupation      :  Singer

Personal Life

Karis Alika Islamadina or call Alika born in Sydney, Australia, June 24, 1994 is a Indonesia singer. She won the gold medal at the Olympic Sports Festival choir in the States of Southeast Asia 2011 in Palembang and Jakarta. Alika also known as the artist's niece Alya Rohali who also serves as executive producer of her first album.

Alika before following the talent show "Akademi Fantasi Indosiar" where she got a place to ninth. Composer Secioria Elfa was interested to make a song for her. She also released her first single "Sahabat Tersayang" which get three AMI awards. That is the best child singer, best kids album (Alika) and the best kids songs music composition in 2006.

Since the age of 16 years, Alika solo singing to the world stage entertainment with album, entitled My Secret Room which is the claim of the famous musician Yovie Widianto. In her new album, there are 4 songs that are songs from the song Lil Widianto recycle. If the flagship song She Knows. Then in October 2011, Alika joined a girlband in the recruitment by Kevin Aprilio. Girlband was named "Princess"

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