Kezia Karamoy

Birth Name     :  Kezia Karamoy
Another name :  Kezia Chibi
Born                :  March 15, 1993 Jakarta, Indonesia
Occupation      :  Singer

Personal Life

Kezia Karamoy born in Jakarta, March 15, 1993 is a member of Cherry Belle who passed the audition in 2012. She lived in Jakarta and is the brother of Angelina Karamoy, a soap opera actress Indonesia.  Kezia Karamoy are members who joined the Cherry Belle since June 11, 2012 after a long audition process. Kezia was idolized Mariah Carey and Celine Dion. The girl who loves chocolate weighing 47 kg and height 161 cm and favored number 7 (seven).  According to Cherly Chibi, the members of the Cherry Belle did not even think that Kezia is the younger brother of Angel Karamoy. They greatly admire Kezia because it has a modest personality, not arrogant, and does not spit her identity is in fact a sister of the famous Indonesian artists.  Designation for the fans is Keziamour Kezia.

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