Mey Chan

Birth Name :  Dita Anggraini
Born            :  May 14, 1986 Malang, East Java, Indonesia
Genre          :  Pop, rock
Occupation  :  Singer
Instruments :  Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboard

Personal Life

Mey Chan original name Dita Anggraini born in Malang, East Java, May 14, 1986 is a member of the duo Maia music group, formed in 2008 with Maia Estianty.

Daughter couple's Yuwono Tjipto and Emmy Agustin living in Malang was admitted music since the age of 14 years. Christian student Brawijaya University Malang, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, class of 2004 is also good at playing several instruments, like keyboards, guitar, bass, and drums. Prior to joining Estianty in Maia, Mey has several times joined the group playing music from cafe to cafe. Mey had joined the komet 14, her group music and the band entered the adolescents . Infinity followed the band, which practiced after graduating from high school. Through Infinity Mey Chan is also known as a professional musician with her performance in a number of cafes. Mey then formed the New Dimension Band with his friends. And last Mey Chan joined Punk Romance, which is approximately in June 2007 left.

Mey is now on leave college to go through rigorous auditions before being selected by Maia to be with her. Fear also had Mey descend, so she hesitated to accept the offer of Maia. Mey concerned with the pressure in the world of entertainment, especially when it's Maia were highlighted due to the issue of divorce with Ahmad Dhani, but eventually joined the Maia and Mey released an album under the banner titled Duo Maia Maia & Friends (2008). However, the role of Mey on the album is not the maximum, because when Mey join the track material already available.

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